This Water for Dogs is Enriched with Vitamins and Electrolytes

In addition to providing hydrating drinks for dogs, DoggieWater is now producing a range of products that are formulated as energy water for dogs. These packages are portable, sustainable and resealable.

The three new energy water products for dogs include a variety in a natural flavor, as well as others that taste like Chicken, Beef and Bacon. Aside from providing refreshment in different flavors, these drinks are loaded with beneficial vitamins and electrolytes to address a dog's whole health. For instance, anti-inflammatory Glucosamine is included for the maintenance of good joint and muscle health, while Omega-3 is also present to provide dogs with a shiny, healthy coat.

The CEO and co-founder of DoggieWater Robert Whyte notes: "Many of us under-hydrate our dogs, and quite often our pets’ diets are also lacking all of the nutrients required to keep them as healthy as possible," which is what makes this product so unique.