Teri Dankovich Has Engineered a Book With Water Filters as Pages

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: time & mentalfloss
Looking to tackle one of the largest upcoming problems the world will see, Dr. Teri Dankovich has come up with an ingenious way to educate people on clean water with the creation of a book filled with information that has pages that can be used as water filters. This revolutionary design could positively change the way third world countries and remote parts of the world have access to clean drinking water.

Dankovich's project is known as the Drinkable Book. The book is filled with informative water filtration techniques making it an educational read. In addition, the pages themselves are filled and treated with minuscule silver and copper particles designed to remove 99% water bacteria. The idea is that a reader can tear a page out of the book and place the page inside a holder. Once stream, river or well water is poured overtop of the page, it'll filter up to 100 litres of clean drinking water -- enough to last four years.