The 'Dial + Plus' Water Purifier Ensures Easy Water Access

 - Nov 1, 2016
References: yankodesign
Water dispensers are often utilized with large bottles of spring water, but the 'Dial + Plus' Water Purifier aims to purify H2O rather than simply dispense it. Designed by Jongsoo Kim, the 'Dial + Plus' Water Purifier is capable of dispensing clean water at hot or cold temperatures to help make it as versatile as possible when it comes to usage in the kitchen.

Consumers are growing increasingly weary of the purity of municipal tap water as well as other essential things within the home such as air quality and cleanliness. As such, products that aim to provide stylish yet functional access to purified elements, such as the 'Dial + Plus' Water Purifier water dispensers, are becoming a more necessary component to modern living.