The 'DeFUNKit' Washing Detergent Prevents Garments from Holding Odors

 - May 13, 2016
References: defunkit & coolthings
The rise in popularity of fitness activities like yoga has many consumers participating in healthy activities multiple times a week, so 'DeFUNKit' washing detergent is designed to increase workout clothing wear.

When used on workout clothing, 'DeFUNKit' will work to permeate the fibers of the garments and coat them with a specialized substance that will prevent odors from accumulating. This can allow users to wear their workout clothes multiple times without worrying that they'll have a foul odor.

Developed by scientists and chemists from the University of Oregon, the 'DeFUNKit' washing detergent is not a replacement for regular detergent, but rather a specialized treatment. It can allow users to wear garments up to seven times before needing to wash them, which in turn can help reduce the need to do laundry to save water and energy.