BKID's 'Washer 001' is an Attractive, Minimal Storage Accessory

 - May 11, 2018
References: ironcastmm & yankodesign
Washers are the pinnacle of pure utilitarianism in most cases, but Korean design studio BKID has created a washer that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing with its 'Washer 001' product. The multi-use accessory can serve as a cute handle, a stylish hanger, or an alternative washer in the traditional sense, adding a minimalist chicness to one's home or apartment.

Washer 001 consists of just a colored screw and the washer itself. That washer is concave rather than flat and flush with the surface it's screwed onto, leaving a gap of space behind it. There are prescribed uses for Washer 001, but its shape makes it great as a wall hanger for things like keys, cables, coats, and more.