DARPA's Warrior Web is the Undergarment of Tomorrow

 - Oct 1, 2011
References: wired
For the uninitiated, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is a government institute responsible for experimental tech and 'Warrior Web' is the shorthand for the biometric, self-aware underoos that the research agency intends to clothe soldiers with.

In tandem with elements of the NSA and some corporate, private-sector partners, DARPA is almost exclusively responsible for pushing technology forward in the military. That mandate extends beyond supersonic jets and James Bond gadgetry, including sometimes bizarre projects like the Warrior Web. According to recent internal studies, almost 40% of military causalities begin with unintentional injury, which degrade's the soldiers effectiveness and opens the door to life-threatening danger. In the hopes of mitigating these problems, the Warrior Web will act as a full-body cast that soothes muscles, aligns joints and reduces pain while enlisted men go about their duty. Moreover, the preliminary plans explain how the suit will somehow 'harvest' the body's energy, powering up the soldier's electric equipment.

This is certainly not the first hair-brained idea hatched by DARPA or its Pentagon counterparts, but something about the Warrior Web shows promise. Hopefully these undergarments reach their prototype stage soon!