Warren Louw Draws a Collection of Seductive Ladies Using a Tablet

 - Aug 21, 2011
References: warrenlouw.cgsociety.org & ufunk.net
It's safe to say that none of the ladies in these Warren Louw illustrations could ever exist in real life with their exaggerated and perfected proportions, but that doesn't mean viewers can't still admire their beauty in the art world.

Drawn in Photoshop using a digital pen tablet, Warren Louw manages to expertly craft these amazing pictures that fuse Eastern and Western art styles into the amalgamation you're currently enjoying. Warren Louw also has a tendency to draw pop culture characters in his work, including Babydoll from Sucker Punch, Chun Li and Cammy from Street Fighter, and Felicia from Nightstalkers.

Implications - With the proliferation of digital art making tools, artists are trying to emulate analog art techniques in the digital realm. Corporations may consider releasing products that help consumers better emulate real-life art styles on a computer as a source of revenue.