Wanderlust by Sarah Anne Johnson Captures Vulnerability & Surreality

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: saulgallery & beautifuldecay
Wanderlust by Sarah Anne Johnson, a photographer born in Winnipeg, Canada, interprets intimate and erotic moments in a surreal manner. Considering that the act itself can often be considered surreal, it is as though she is somehow attempting to capture the feeling involved when two people come together to copulate.

Asking friends and acquaintances to perfect such sexual acts as intercourse, foreplay, kissing and masturbation for her series, each activity was subsequently distorted in a variety of ways. Whether splattered with paint, covered with glitter or digitally manipulated in more eccentric ways, Wanderlust by Sarah Anne Johnson is somehow powerfully honest. Beautiful Decay notes, "[M]any of the photographs complicate the notion of what it means to be truly vulnerable; often, her collage work obscures and flattens one lover, leaving his or her partner alone, isolated in the frame and utterly naked."