'Walt Disney's Sin City' by 'ChiefBrodyRules' Channels Frank Miller

 - Nov 1, 2011
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YouTube user 'ChiefBrodyRules' has creating a cunning mashed-up trailer of Disney films called 'Walt Disney's Sin City' that channel a very different type of story. What could be better than seeing Frank Miller's Sin City series brought to the screen by Robert Rodriguez? It's hard to say. For fans of Miller's graphic novel, and the man who brought us Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn and Grindhouses Planet Terror, it almost seems like it couldn't be topped. Even as eager fans wait patiently for a Sin City follow-up.

Well, while the wait may not be over -- for some of us, our thirst for Sin City could be temporarily quenched for the time being with the latest Trailer mash-up offering known as Walt Disney's Sin City.

Taking our beloved childhood fairytale characters and overdubbing their voices with the stars of Sin City, we are given a feast of epic proportions with Walt Disney's Sin City. If the music doesn't get you pumped to revisit Sin City, the cleverly choreographed edits of Disney characters re-enacting Sin City scenes to bring you a new trailer just may.

With Disney clips from Beauty and The Beast, The Great Mouse Detective, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 101 Dalmatians, Mulan and Sleeping Beauty, each clip has been wonderfully desaturated to give it the Frank Miller Sin City look and feel.