The Wall of Memory Pays Homage to Deceased Nuns

The Wall of Memory is a stunning maze-like structure built for the enclosed nuns of the S.Gemma Galgani monastery in Lucca, Italy. It was commissioned to provide the nuns with a space to remember and pray for their deceased sisters. In particular, they wanted a path to lead to this sacred sanctuary.

Although the Wall of Memory might look like a maze to some, it was conceived as a "rationalist seashell," as revealed by the designers, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto. Everything leading to the center of the Wall of Memory represents the past and present. The perfectly proportioned cyprus tree at the end of the path culminates skywards along the path of prayer. As further written by the creators, "The project is a form of homage to the nuns, who, serenely and joyfully, have chosen to dedicate their lives to others with Christian devotion."