Artist Wael Shawky Creates Eerie Rustic Looking Marionette Dolls

Talented artist Wael Shawky creates frightening marionette dolls that are guaranteed to send chills down the spines of art fans everywhere. Shawky's spooky puppets are inspired by the idea of religious and national identities, expressed through stories or other artistic platforms.

Shawky has created a trilogy of films with his Tim Burton style puppets, all of which are about medieval disputes between Muslims and Christians (which makes these animations both historical and a little edgy). It seems extremely appropriate that Shawky uses a traditional method of story telling like marionette shows to re-tell ancient stories.

These eerie artworks have a rustic look that makes them appear almost as old as the stories that inspired them. Shawky's marionette dolls help to keep history alive, which is certainly admirable.