Volkswagen 'Up! Holland Up!' Campaign Awards People Who Scream Loudest

 - Jul 30, 2012
References: cargocollective & digitalbuzzblog
The Volkswagen 'Up! Holland Up!' campaign just might be one of the most unique campaigns for the London 2012 Olympics yet. This creative campaign gave Dutch fans the opportunity to win tickets to the London Olympic Games by making a Volkswagen car go as fast as possible -- only, instead of driving it the normal way, the participants had to scream and cheer as loud as possible to get the car to move.

Volkswagen, with OrangeMotion Technologies, created a scream-powered vehicle by removing the car's foot pedals, and then reconfiguring the "engine CPU to translate sound decibels into RPM’s to power the car," describes the Digital Buzz blog. Thus, the louder the noise, the more powerful the car will be and the faster it will go. Participants competed with one another to get the car to move 100 meters in the fastest time, with the winner receiving tickets to the Olympics.