The Volkswagen Golf R Holds Its Own for Family and Speed at the Detroit

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: vw & driving
The Volkswagen Golf R shows that even though you're a family man, you can still have a little fun in your car. The Hatchback design gives you the space you need but the power behind the car is the main draw.

Volkswagen is in the kind of place many auto companies dream of. They're well known for powerful yet affordable vehicles and are a tuner's delight in the domestic market, aside from Honda, not too many people can claim the same but VW doesn't plan on getting complacent, and the Volkswagen Golf R is proof.

This year a little bit of a new offering is the option for an automatic transmission. These offerings scream domestic market so they may not appeal as much to gear heads around the world but VW hasn't forgotten it's customers and the Golf R will still come in a standard six speed manual transmission attached to a wonderful DSH dual-clutch gear box. Style and speed, all you need.