This Volcanic Eruption Spawned its Own Lightning and Amazing Shots

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: mrietze & neatorama
In a discovery that will mean that I’ll never sleep soundly again, apparently volcanic lightning is a real thing and here’s the photographic evidence.

In case you think that these impressive shots from Martin Rietze at the Sakurajima volcano in Japan were accomplished through some sort of Photoshopping, the volcanic lightning phenomenon is confirmed by no less an authority than NASA. Apparently, when a major volcanic eruption occurs, the boiling hot magma and volcanic ash can be electrically charged. The cloud acts as a conduit to make the lightning-fast (no pun intended) transfer between oppositely charged ions. Doing away with all the technical explanation, it seems like Rietze was using a strong telephoto lens and a Canon Mark III professional camera to achieve the incredible volcanic lightning shots.

It would seem like your search for a sweet new desktop background for your computer is at an end.