The Vogue Italia March 2014 Abracadabra Editorial is Outrageous

The Vogue Italia March 2014 Abracadabra editorial was shot by famed fashion photographer Steven Meisel. The photographs feature glamazon models with African tribal face paint. The editorial spread is outrageously fun with animal-riding models. The photograph of the model riding an Ox bull is ridiculously eye-popping. The enthused facial expression of the model adds extra drama to the capture.

The bold editorial uniquely uses color-contrasting and theatrics to pull off a stunning, high fashion shoot. The Vogue Italia March 2014 editorial also displays the model with racy brown face paint getting her bottom lip bit by a duck.

The outrageous animal and human interactions within the captures go well with the couture styles. The Abracadabra shoot looks like a scene from a movie featuring an animal-loving genie on psychedelic drugs.