The Vogue Brazil May 2012 Novoselova Photoshoot is Entrancing

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: & xaxor
The Vogue Brazil May 2012 Masha Novoselova photoshoot is set in a barren desert, rife with deep beige rock mounds and light blue skies. And while the terrain is replete with natural beauty, the British model is found clad in dark and almost haunting makeup, displaying her ethereal vixen qualities.

This editorial for the Vogue Brazil publication was orchestrated by photographer Henrique Gendre. Gendre's unmatched eye for detail is evident here as he captured Novoselova's sharp features against the soft whimsical background.

The ensembles worn by Novoselva further the contrast between the dark femme fatal motif and the delicate wilderness elements. A fur-clad Chanel purse is found alongside dark kohl nail lacquer and an haute couture top hat, making it all the more clear that the rural scene was indeed transcended here.