The V-Moda XS Headphones are Beefy-Looking but Comfortable to Wear

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: v-moda & gizmodo
American high-end audio product manufacturer V-Moda released its newest portable on-ear headphones: the V-Moda XS. With its beefy yet pleasing look, the XS appears to be an attempt by V-Moda to bring back the huge headphone look in an age where many people prefer slender, in-ear styles.

The V-Moda XS is a re-engineered and upgraded version of the V-Moda Crossfade M-80 headphones, with a new hinged headband that bends right above the ear cups for easy transport. The new headband also has a longer arch, which is designed so the headphones snugly sit on the sides of your head, leaving no space for sound leakage.

Despite its bulky size, the V-Moda XS headphones are comfortable to wear thanks to the light clamping pressure. Unlike most other on-ear headphones that become uncomfortable after a certain amount of time, the V-Moda XS headphones are designed to be unintrusive to the point that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. They also have a collapsible design that makes them easy to carry around in a backpack or coat pocket.