'Viz Palette' is a Tool for Designing Charts and Graphs

 - Apr 19, 2018
References: projects.susielu & fastcodesign
As Big Data is coming to play an increasingly important role in the very structure of economies and society as a whole, those who can help people to understand the data have power; 'Viz Palette' is a new tool that makes at least one aspect of data visualization easier. The tool is explicitly designed to help designers pick the colors in their data visualization graphics.

With the tool, designers can enter how many different colors that they're planning on using in their graphic, using as fine or broad a scope as they like in selection. The tool then lays those colors out in various popular graph formats, showing a sample of how those colors might look together. Viz Palette also includes buttons for testing how the colors would look to people with different forms of color blindness, thus building in inclusive practice.