The Beautiful Discovered Works of Vivian Maier Portray the Simple Life

Vivian Maier, an American born French woman who worked as a nanny for 40 years, spent her days off to capture candid photos of those on the streets of New York and Chicago, resulting in the featured series of elegant images.

Although there is no indication that Vivian Maier ever received any lessons in photography, her photos mirror those of a professional. Her work shows a tremendous talent in capturing the most candid and intimate moments of which most tend to overlook. Through her photography, viewers are reminded of the simple moments in life; from the vulnerable to the humorous. Vivian Maier reminds individuals of the truer moments in life that often pass by without being noticed.

Vivian Maier's photographs are insightful and show a great depth in honestly capturing the essence of the "everyday." It is likely she will remain largely mysterious, as she passed away in 2009 and has no living family, but it is certain she will speak through her works for many generations to come.