'Look Inside' Creates Visual Storytelling with Cutaway Illustrations

 - Oct 5, 2016
References: shop.gestalten & uncrate
Many people are inherently curious when it comes to finding out what's inside certain objects and things, so 'Look Inside' utilizes visual storytelling to help offer answers. Packing the answer to what's inside everything including trees, cars, bodies and much more, 'Look Inside' starts from the beginning (around 28,000 years ago) to the present.

The 'Look Inside' book is curated by Samuel and Juan Velasco, and features infographic-inspired page sections to help make working one's way through the content more intuitive.

The 'Look Inside' publication helps to provide an answer to a variety of different curiosities in a way that utilizes visual storytelling in order to keep readers reading on and learning. It's a coffee table book that'll provide insight rather than just interesting pictures.