Cybertecture International

 - Mar 13, 2008   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: tinsiders.blogspot & jameslawcybertecture
We can change the skin of our browsers, cell phones, mp3's and now from Cybertecture we have buildings that can do the same. These buildings are in New Town Plaza, Hong Kong. Imagine downtown Toronto or any big city with buildings that change their "skins". Awesome!

"The Visual Builidng is a new piece of Cybertecture that deals with the changing nature of buildings in the city. This mix commercial/retail building comprises of an intelligent skin that allows for it to change like a information lantern creating Art in the City, Information in the City, or Nature in the City."

Implications - Though the structure and architecture of skyscrapers and large buildings is enough of a marvel, adding a touch of decoration is sure to increase tourism.