Kristi Ropelski Paints the Human Side of the Internet

 - Apr 19, 2009
References: kristiropeleski
We've seen Facebook avatar paintings, but Kristi Ropelski has taken a similar idea a step further for her collection titled 'Here is My Face.' For the project, Ropelski asked willing participants to send in the photos of the way they want to be painted, thereby showing their true cyber personalities.

One of the participating women wrote on the artist’s page about a photo shown above of a man sitting on a toilet with expression full of hopelessness. It’s a photograph of her husband on their honeymoon after a full day of fighting. He chose to send that particular photo to Kristi Ropelski.

Kristi Ropelski's 'Here is My Face' made me realize that we live in an era where sharing our most personal moments with strangers over the Internet is the norm. Ropelski has essentially captured the true personality and pulse of the Internet in the most realistic way possible.