The University of Electro-Communications Designs Long-Distance Smooching Machine

 - May 3, 2011
References: engadget & mashable
Couples enduring long-distance relationships all across the world have come to rely on the face time provided by Skype to keep the fire of their relationship burning strong. Fortunately, for all these lonesome gals and guys, the University of Electro-Communications has created a device that will allow couples to share a virtual kiss.

Designed and created in the Kajimoto Laboratory of the university, virtual kissing "consists of a hardware receptacle which is placed into the mouth, and software that remembers the movements of your tongue and sends them to the other connected device, which moves accordingly."

Although this innovative new gadget may not match up entirely to your lover's soft smooch or tender embrace, it far surpasses the often fuzzy images provided by Skype. The university recognizes that kissing consists of much more than tantalizing tongue action, and is looking to improve the device by having it mimic breathing patterns, taste and moisture from the tongue.