These Emojis are the Ideal Virtual Communication Tool for Urban Citizens

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: medium & designtaxi
The creative company Moving Brands designed this emoji collection, which aims to simplify virtual communication for those who reside in cities. This unique collection of emojis ranges from specific coffee icons to particular camera brands and it even highlights city-dwelling creatures.

While traditional emoji keyboards have existing coffee icons, this collection includes 27 cafe-related images. These include americanos, flat whites and lattes. City critters like the raccoon, squirrels and pigeons are also incorporated into this set.

This idea from Moving Brands' city-inspired emojis came for the lack of relevance in the current emoji keyboards. While this project is still a conceptual idea, the company hopes to have its products created to aid in the simplification of urban lives. The rise of the emoji has been seen across the realm of political, social and satirical virtual communication platforms and this emoji collection is no different.