Richard Branson Forms Virgin Oceanic to Investigate the Ocean

 - Apr 8, 2011
References: dvice
Entrepreneur extraordinaire Sir. Richard Branson is preparing to conquer the depths of the ocean with his newly created Virgin Oceanic. Virgin Oceanic is the latest line of Branson's Virgin empire and will be involved in deep-sea dives.

Branson plans to visit the five deepest underwater points in the world in an effort to shed some light on what lies beneath. The rebel billionaire plans to pilot these expeditions himself alongside co-pilot Chris Walsh. If it were any other man planning to go 15,000+ feet underwater, I'd call him crazy, but this type of thing is Richard Branson's bread-and-butter. There is no set timetable for when Virgin Oceanic will explore the watery depths, but if this project is anything like the Virgin space project, I'd expect to hear some more noise in the coming months.