Richard Branson and Virgin Buildings Moon Hotel is a Hoax

 - Apr 5, 2014
References: youtube & dezeen
Billionaire Richard Branson revealed new architectural designs from Virgin Buildings. The new designs include a New York skyscraper shaped like bundle of balloons, a tower in Sydney shaped like a space shuttle, a kite shaped structure in Cape Town and a hotel on the moon that looks like tubular bells. The best part is -- the whole thing is a hoax.

Though the projects presented under the umbrella of Virgin Buildings aren't a reality, Branson really does want to expand his empire by, "capturing iconic Virgin moments in a new generation of ultra-green skyscrapers."

The buildings that were presented for April Fool's feature huge rainwater-harvesting facilities and would also have living walls that could be used to grow food. The buildings would have also included moving walls that can adapt to suit different rooms.

If it wasn’t enough of a hoax to launch a build on every continent; Branson also made a bold statement that he planned to make Virgin the first company to have a building on the moon.