'Virgin Boy Eggs' is Both a Rare and Adored Dish Dipped in Urine

 - Mar 31, 2012
References: nydailynews & designyoutrust
Some prefer their eggs scrambled, poached or over-easy, but others like them 'virgin boy eggs' style. The sound of 'virgin boy eggs' may make some scowl, but they are considered a delicacy in the city of Dongyang, China, where each spring, egg vendors make eggs that are cooked in urine.

The urine comes from boys, preferably under the age of ten. Vendors go to school bathrooms to collect urine as their ultimate cooking recipe. The 'virgin boy eggs' are soaked in urine and then simmered in the same 'sauce.'

It's a spring tradition for the people of Dongyang where the smell of urine -- not flowers -- indicates the beginning of the season. They claim it heals the body and prevents colds and heat strokes. If you're tired of coloring boiled eggs this Easter, try making 'virgin boy eggs' and see if your guests find it as delightful as the locals of Dongyang.