The Rane Twelve Turntable Lets DJs Create Live Remixes in Real Time

 - Nov 23, 2017
References: dj.rane
Those who enjoy playing records on a vinyl turntable know the common struggle of a broken needle and the limitations it causes.

Rane is a powerhouse in the DJ industry and just announced the launch of its new Rane Twelve turntable. It has the simplicity of a "direct drive turntable" with some added modern functions. This comes in handy for DJs who want to create live remixes or manipulate the sound or song in real-time.

With no needles or tonearm needed, the gadget can enhance the user's experience by ensuring they don't have to worry about their music being interrupted. Additionally, the look of the turntable's all-metal body gives it a durable appearance that matches its premium performance.