These Vinyl Stickers Help Ford Keep New Car Designs Secret

 - Feb 26, 2016
References: & gizmag
In the age of easy-to-use and compact cameras and smartphones, it's very difficult for car companies to keep the designs of their yet-to-be-released vehicles under wraps, which is why Ford has decided to go down the route of using special vinyl stickers.

In the past, car companies like Ford would use black vinyl materials to hid the vehicle, but this proves very tricky to apply. This is why the company now uses print patterned vinyl stickers. These stickers can easily be applied to cars' external bodywork, and feature special prints that give rise to optical illusions that obscure the vehicle's contours and details, rendering car snooper's best work ineffective.

Ultimately, these nifty stickers are key to Ford keeping its designs secret in order to maintain its competitive advantage.