Village Cinemas in Melbourne is Equipped with Fog Machines and Mechanic Seats

 - Oct 28, 2017
References: 4ddynamiccinema &
Village Cinemas in Melbourne is using technology to enhance the storytelling narratives that movie screenings provide, by creating a fully immersive 4D cinema.

The screenings aim to help a guest 'feel' the movie experience, by incorporating a variety of mediums that complement what the viewer sees on the screen. The cinemas are equipped with integrated misting machines, which are fastened to the back of every chair that can release fog, to match the film's ominous environment, or scents, to help take "escapism to the next level." In addition, the theater is equipped with strobe lighting and mechanic chairs, which can suddenly rock back and forth.

The immersive 4D cinema enhances the movie-going experience, adding a deeper layer of emotional involvement, while competing with more intimate forms of narrative technology, like virtual and augmented reality.