These Viktor Hachmang Designs are Funky and Intricate

 - Mar 12, 2012
Viktor Hachmang has an eye for punchy, funky designs. A passing glance at his work easily turns into a full-on stare, as one is drawn first to the overall composition and then to the fine-grain details. Psychedelic, funky, pastel, 60s and 80s are all apt descriptions of Viktor Hachmang’s illustrations. However, these designs don’t need adjectives, they need t-shirts!

Unfortunately, the works are not designed specifically for clothing or apparel. Still, Vicktor Hachmang does give the idea a nod by featuring one of his creations on a t-shirt.

Anyone who has shopped at retailers like H&M knows that more and more thought is going into the decals that adorn clothing. An interesting evolution of this would be to have non-fashion involved artists like Viktor Hachmang grace the clothing with colorful details.