The Vijay Kumar Lab's Drone Can Make Aggressive Maneuvers Autonomously

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: & gizmodo
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's Vijay Kumar Lab have developed a completely autonomous drone that can carry out aggressive stunts and maneuvers. While many drone hobbyists may have seen videos of drone stunts online (or conducted them personally,) drone stunts up until now have either been conducted with human control or with the help of external sensors guiding the robot. The Vijay Kumar Lab's drone is the first to carry out such stunts using only onboard sensing and computing.

In a video released by the UPenn lab, the drone successfully completes a series of stunts. The first set of stunts involves the drone flying through a small slalom course at various lengths and widths. The next series, and the more impressive of the two, has the drone squeezing through small window slits at various angles, even tilting itself a full 90 degrees successfully.