22Moo i-Vision 230

 - Dec 18, 2006   Updated: May 11 2011
References: 22moo.au
22Moo has launched the i-Vision 230 which is a lightweight virtual display that simulates watching a 35 inch display from 2-meters away. It has a 320 x 240 resolution LCD and will work with an iPod, Zune, Wii and Xbox 360. The Argo+PC VGA video glasses also work with your PC, Mac, PDA or any other device that supports an AV or VGA output.

Implications - The 22Moo i-Vision 230 also features integrated stereo earphones and can be fully charged within two hours by using a USB. The glasses were built to be comfortable and are guaranteed to be safe for your eyes. They are lightweight so you can easily slide them into your pocket or bag when not in use.