This Fashion Concept Aims to Change the Conversation Around Assault

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: ywcacanada & marketingmag
A fashion label concept 'Blamé' aims to tackle the issue of victim blaming in North American society.

Victim-blaming most often occurs when girls and women are sexually assaulted and rather than being supported by their friends, family, the justice system and society at large – they are instead blamed for the actions of those who assault them. Questions and accusations about their sexual history, their alcohol and drug use, their clothing choices and their honesty are brought to the forefront in an issue that objectively, should be cut and dry in terms of who the perpetrator is, and who the victim is. Blamé aims to point out this widespread issue, one that has harmful consequences that can lead to the physical and psychological torment of victims. Blamé is being promoted by the YWCA, which launched a '#NeverBlameTheVictim' campaign and has an anti victim-blaming PSA. The important campaign also features a pop-up store in Toronto's west end.

This campaign tackles the extremely important issue of victim blaming and seeks to put the blame back on the perpetrators, rather than the victims of sexual assault.