These Raphael Vicenzi Pieces are Pensive

 - Apr 12, 2012
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Watercolors softly bleeding into otherwise unspoiled white backgrounds do well to evoke a sense of despondency; these Vicenzi Pieces illustrate this point elegantly.

His 2012 collection depicts female figures in soft colors -- grays, whites and the occasional streak of black -- staring either just out of frame or looking with listless eyes at the viewer. The women are the central focus, yet they are not the exclusive subject of the pieces. Vicenzi splashes text across the series, adding an enticing layer of enigma. "Plagued by doubts," reads one illustration that also portrays a woman with a cigarette in one hand while her other hand rests pensively on her hip as she squints her eyes and looks out of frame.

The artist provides just the right amount of cues so as to be understandable while holding back enough that he entreats the viewer to look on.