These Vibrating Sauna Pants from Closeoutzone are Super Hot

 - May 6, 2011
References: dvice & trendsupdates
Prediction: These hot new Vibrating Sauna Pants are going to appear on an infomercial any day now. These Vibrating Sauna Pants sold by CloseoutZone just seem to scream "put me on daytime TV"!

This gadget aims to help users eliminate excess water weight through heat and vibration techniques. Shortly after velcroing on the Vibrating Sauna Pants, users can expect to experience pulsating heat waves in their abdomen, wait, back and hip regions.

The next time you're craving a moist sauna experience, why not throw on a pair of Vibrating Sauna Pants instead! For $40, you won’t have to wait idly by, hoping for the pants to debut on a daytime infomercial. You can get your very own pair of these from Taylor Gifts or Amazon!

Image Credits: Bar Stool Sports | | Incredible Things | Best Seller TV