Vault 49's Vibrant Hand Saws Bring Flash and Pizazz to Wood Working

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: vault49 & ifitshipitshere.blogspot
New York-based design studio Vault 49 has found a way to transform old wood working tools into vibrant hand saws. By hand painting each saw using vibrant colors and graphic fonts, the designers at Vault 49 have created extremely unique pieces of art that are sure to brighten even the drabbest of living spaces.

Each saw features a motivational message on its metal teeth, increasing its sentimentality. One saw screams "No pain, no gain!" in bright black and blue letters on a red background. These vibrant colors, combined with the comic book-style font, make these saws burst from the walls on which they're hung. There's no way that visitors won't want to stop and examine these funky hand saws in all their flashy glory.

Vault 49 is known for creating unique and memorable pieces of modern art. These vibrant hand saws are just some of the delightful and colorful creations put forth by a group of designers who are sure to be around for a long time.