Vertical Emptiness by Onishi Yasuaki Looks Like a Spider's Web

 - Jun 9, 2014
References: & design-milk
At first, Vertical Emptiness by Onishi Yasuaki, a Japanese artist, looks like a strange spider's web. In reality, it is a human-made art installation that involves wire, glue and crystallized urea, a commonly used material in the chemical industry. Dripping downwards instead of splaying outwards like an intricate web, the installation is stunning to behold, yet a little creepy as well.

Vertical Emptiness by Onishi Yasuaki was first created by hanging a mesh structure from the ceiling that was then covered in glue. As Design Milk notes, it "becomes a vertical connecter between the ground and the ceiling." Ethereal and otherworldly, it is hard not to imagine a creature lurking in the shadows of the room. The glass windows are covered in crystallization and paintings covered to add to the feeling of isolation of the main piece.