Mucci Farms’ 'Veggies to Go' Packs Can Easily Be Separated for Snacking

 - Nov 14, 2017
References: packagingdigest
Mucci Farms introduced Veggies to Go packs powered by EZ Snap packaging, which makes it possible for the nine-ounce containers to easily be reconfigured.

The packaging consists of three separate and recyclable three-ounce trays made of PET. Each individual tray contains a different kind of vegetable, making it easy for the snacks to be mixed and matched by detaching one or more of the compartments. Atop this base tray design, the Veggies to Go packs feature an easy-open tab that is sealed, yet features holes that makes it possible for the grape tomatoes, snack-sized cucumbers and peppers to breathe.

The Veggies to Go packs are sold in individual three-ounce pack, nine-ounce packages, as well as bundled nine-ounce packages that are bundled with a paperboard sleeve.