Vega Connects Farmers and Consumers Directly

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: thinkvega & kickstarter
Just when you thought the fair trade market was saturated, well, here comes Vega, an online marketplace that streamlines the typical coffee supply chain by cutting out the almost TWO DOZEN middlemen that are normally involved in coffee distribution.

Vega is based in Nicaragua and essentially lets you order ethically produced coffee to your doorstep with a click. What's more, however, is that the farmers get the best deal. "To complicate matters, over the last two years La Roya, a coffee rust plague, has decimated 1/3 of coffee crops throughout Central America," Vega writes on its Kickstarter. "In the communities we work with in Nicaragua, we’ve seen some farmers whose entire crop has been destroyed, forcing them to abandon their land and pursue manual labor elsewhere—sometimes leaving behind their families and emigrating from Nicaragua."

Vega's Kickstarter launched today, so if you'd like to see this social enterprise succeed, think about donating. The team's goal is $20,000.

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