David Gandy is a Tall Drink of Water for Vanity Fair Spain May 2014

David Gandy will undoubtedly become the object of your affection after flipping through the 'Ese Objeto De Deseo' editorial in Vanity Fair Spain's May 2014 issue.

The Britain-born model is the epitome of the "tall, dark and handsome" archetype that romance novel protagonists are made of. The lucky lady cast alongside him is Charlotte Pallister, who I'm sure many of you wouldn't mind trading places with.

Although I'm sure these two beautiful people were completely professional, they sure know how to fake it. The chemistry between Pallister and Gandy in these images is palpable. In fact, if you weren't already aware there was an entire behind-the-scenes crew -- including fashion editor Carla Aguilar and photographer Mariano Vivanco -- present, you would think you were glimpsing the intimate shots of a real-life couple, adding a voyeuristic appeal to the editorial.