These Valentine’s Cards From YesUMaystationery are for Com

 - Jan 20, 2014
References: etsy
These Valentine’s cards deliver a veiled compliment. It’s almost February, which means it’s time to tell that special someone how you really feel about them—or how much you hate them. If you give one of these to your significant other this Valentine’s Day, just hope they read the fine print before you end up spending the holiday sleeping on the couch.

Made by Etsy creature YesUMaystationery, these Valentine's cards come with a double meaning. Written in large pink letters on a background are insults, and in a smaller, less easy to see font are words that turn those insults into sweet admissions of love. There are four different versions of these creative cards. They come in "I HATE YOU," "GO TO HELL," "YOU’RE A PAIN"  AND "I"D KILL YOU."