Dyson Powered Eco-Vehicle

 - Jun 26, 2008
References: english.dysoncanada & dailymail
Marketing superstar and industrial designer extraordinaire James Dyson, the creator of the trendy Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner, is setting his sights on developing a solar-powered car. If the success he had with his purple and yellow dirt suckers is any indication, he may very well be the right man for the job. After all, his company basically changed the way we looked at vacuums and made them fashionable, regardless of the price.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, “Engineers at the entrepreneur's Wiltshire HQ are developing a lightweight electric motor that could power a family saloon for hundreds of miles. The battery would be charged by solar panels mounted on the vehicle's roof, or on the roof of a garage where the car is kept.”

“Sir James, whose inventions have made him a fortune worth around £800million, believes electric cars will outnumber petrol ones within a decade,” say the Daily mail.

Apparently the motor will be based on the same powerhouse used in the Dyson vacuum cleaners. Will that make the car a street cleaner as well?