'My Corkscrew Sucks' Opens a Wine Bottle without Damaging the Plug

 - May 1, 2013
References: behance.net & yankodesign
There are several reasons why 'My Corkscrew Sucks' is more useful than your typical literal cork-screws. This contraption requires less muscle and dexterity, it's quick to use and it keeps the bottle stopper completely in tact.

For those who like to collect corks as keepsakes, this last feature of the gadget would be especially appealing. It takes a bit of luck and a bit of technique to open a wine bottle without damaging the cork. Too often, the metal helix penetrates the plug, breaks it and chunks of the bark-derived material fall into beverage below. Sometimes this makes it impossible to pull the entire stopper up from the neck.

Alan Kwok's playfully named 'My Corkscrew Sucks' would be easy to operate. Fix the vacuum corkscrew to the top of the vessel, shut it, and rotate the wind-up top as its rising core will lower the air pressure and draw the cork upwards.