Utsusemi by Motoi Yamamoto is a Constantly Crumbling Installation

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: motoi.biz & mymodernmet
Utsusemi by Motoi Yamamoto is an art installation that revolves around a slim set of stairs that has been constructed out of salt. Known for his salt mazes, this Japanese artist has applied his medium of choice to something a little less puzzling. Salt is very meaningful in the Japanese culture. Used in death rituals, it is often given to funeral attendants so that they can ward off evil. With this in mind, it gives greater context to the art installation.

Reflecting on the devastating effects of earthquakes, Utsusemi by Motoi Yamamoto has an interactive quality to it. Over time, the blocks of salt crumble in the presence of a simulated earthquake. The subsequent pouring of salt is a tribute to the lives lost during these natural disasters.