The Best Buy Recycling Program Accepts Used Tech and Applicances

 - May 24, 2016
References: bestbuy
In an effort to reduce electronic waste, Best Buy has initiated a recycling program that accepts used tech and appliances from consumers. With the capacity to take in everything from old movies to full-sized refrigerators, the program provides a great opportunity for consumers to safely recycle older products.

The Best Buy recycling program includes drop-off and haul-away options for a wide variety of electronics and appliances. When it comes to used tech such as computers, cell phones and game consoles, consumers can drop off as many as three items per day at nearly any Best Buy location. For larger items such as dishwashers, ovens and dryers, consumers can have the old item hauled away for a small fee when the replacement item is delivered by Best Buy. This comprehensive program has helped to make Best Buy "the largest retail collection program in the U.S.."

With the goal of recycling two billion pounds of e-waste by 2020, Best Buy has created a convenient way for consumers to safely dispose of used electronics.