US Road Signage by Manual Connects to Smartphones for More Info

 - Aug 22, 2012
References: manualcreative & fastcodesign
It is about time someone re-imagined traditional highway signs in the United States, which is exactly what the US road signage by Manual does. Giving the system a complete facelift, it does away with the familiar green placards that many find "confusing, inconsistent and messy," as put by the designers. Instead, they have introduced muted gray signs that use simple geometric markers in place of existing shield symbols, which are more appropriate for a police state.

Aside from the cleaner, easy-to-follow aesthetics of the US road signage by Manual, which was conceived for Icon Magazine's Rethink issue, it incorporates technology to inform people of destinations that might interest them at their exit. It is essentially a hi-tech version of signs alerting drivers to restaurants, restrooms and gas stations.