This Uruguay Tourism Campaign Promises a True Vacation

 - Oct 14, 2011
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At the best of times, a vacation might be a change of scenery, but your headspace could be occupied with the tasks of back home. This Uruguay tourism campaign makes no promises that you'll be able to forget your stressful life while gone, but guarantees that its influence over you will be greatly diminished.

Launched by the Uruguay Natural Ministry of Tourism, these five prints were produced by Young & Rubicam of Montevideo. Nothing in them alludes to the sorts of sights one might experience when holidaying in South America, but rather focuses entirely on what concerns many people -- will I really be able to get away?

Along these lines, each image within the Uruguay tourism campaign pictures a miniscule illustration of an office-related object. A very close look reveals a water dispenser, a filing cabinet, a swivel chair and a desk. As sure as you have to strain to see these, you'd be sure to enjoy a work-free sojourn.