The U-Roadbed is a Deep Ditch for Escaping the Impact of an Oncoming Train

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Not every death off of train and subway platforms is a suicide -- it is occasionally the result of an accident or somebody's senseless attempt to violently end another's life. The U-Roadbed concept is a redesign of the tracks of high-speed public transportation vehicles, integrating a deep ditch in which passengers can seek refuge.

Whether a person ends up in front of a train on purpose or by terrible misfortune, he would be afforded the option of saving himself from being hit head-on. The trough is large enough to accommodate someone lying down, keeping him free from contact with any of the components on the underside of the cars. One can remain in Ruidong Wu's U-Roadbed until the subway has passed over him and the coast is clear to climb back onto the platform.