The Urban Jet from Cherban is a Cool Runnings Copycat

 - Feb 3, 2010
References: urban-jet & gizmag
Having a slow car that gets bad gas mileage is "Jamaican me crazy," which is why I love the Urban Jet from Cherban. The Urban Jet is an electric, three-wheeled vehicle that can hit 150mph!

The Urban Jet from Cherban is a unique idea. It leans into a turn at up to a 45 degree angle like a motorcycle, and it looks like a bobsled. It can do 0-60 in less than 3.5 seconds, and is reportedly made out of Aramid fiber, the same stuff bullet-proof vests are made from.

Time will tell whether the Urban Jet from Cherban is a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Avert your eyes to the excerpt below to learn more. Knowledge is power.